Welcome to our Website

Welcome to The Stodals Handmade, Home and Fresh Products Website

The idea of an online site where our local residents can display their products and where it will be available to anyone looking for a specific product without having to scroll through hundreds of offers on social media have been breeding in our minds for quite some time now. We thought it would be amazing to have unique home made fresh, and beautiful handmade products, produced an manufactured by our local entrepreneurs, available and accessible to you online. 
We aim to bring you quality products,  and unique products and that are usually not freely available in local stores. We therefore invited our  entrepreneurs to join us and make their products available to you through our website. All the products on this website have been evaluated and tested and were found to comply to our standards. Rest assure that the products on this website are of the highest standards. We're here to offer our guidance and advice in any way possible. Give us a call or drop us an e- mail should you wish to know anything more about our products or should you need something that we do not yet have. We will go out of our way to get what you need. Happy shopping. 

Some products that you may find in the store

Snake Conservation

Snake tongs, hooks and containers. 

Farmfresh Chicken

Farmfresh chicken and chicken products


Hand knitted Character Beanies